AWS CAF People Perspective

January 1, 2019

The single biggest line item expense of any business is labor. Your people and the skilled labor they bring to your business are critical to the successful execution of your business plan, and this may never be more true than when you start a cloud adoption journey.

The process of moving from on premise workflows to cloud based workflows represents a fundamental shift in traditional IT thought and practice. In some cases, how you think about things in the cloud is the exact opposite of how you think about them on premise (“cattle vs. pets”) and drives organizational change across your IT landscape. This is nowhere more apparent than in how you manage the cloud adoption process with your people.

The AWS Cloud Adoption framework captures these concepts in its People Perspective:

“The People Perspective covers organizational staff capability and change management functions required for efficient cloud adoption.

Engage stakeholders within the CAF People Perspective to evaluate organizational structures and roles, new skill and process requirements, and identify gaps. Performing an analysis of needs and gaps helps you to prioritize training, staffing, and organizational changes so that you can build an agile organization that is ready for effective cloud adoption. It also helps leadership communicate changes to the organization.”

You cannot newhire your way into being a “cloud first” organization. Even though it’s a good idea to bring in experienced contingent talent to help kickoff and drive the process, your cloud adoption plan must include bringing along existing staff on the journey. Some won’t want to go on that journey. A few will be impacted by automation efficiency and the need for less labor in certain technology verticals (particularly those whose primary responsibilities are below the line in the AWS Shared Responsibility model). Navigating that people process can be a challenge, but open communication through the AWS CAF is key to executing it in the most transparent way possible.

Recommended reading:

The CAF website and accompanying white paper can be found at the link below. We highly recommend using this resource to help plan your organization’s cloud adoption strategy and can assist our clients through the process: