AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

September 1, 2018

Most organizations who are just starting their cloud adoption journey have a lot of questions about the process. These usually run the gamut from technical, organizational, and process perspectives. AWS provides a comprehensive Clooud Adoption Framework to address many of these questions, based on the aggregate experiences of thousands of AWS customers over the past decade, and Webb InfoTech Solutions LLC uses the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework when working with our clients:

“AWS Professional Services created the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) to help organizations develop efficient and effective plans for their cloud adoption journey. The guidance and best practices provided by the framework help you build a comprehensive approach to cloud computing across your organization, and throughout your IT lifecycle.

The AWS CAF breaks down the complex process of planning a move to the cloud into manageable pieces called perspectives. Perspectives represent essential areas of focus that span people, processes, and technology. Capabilities within each perspective identify which areas of your organization require attention. From that, actions are organized into prescriptive work streams that support a successful cloud journey.”

The CAF website and accompanying white paper can be found at the link below. We highly recommend using this resource to help plan your organization’s cloud adoption strategy and can assist our clients through the process: