Cloud Consulting Services

Consulting services to assist our clients in establishing an overall cloud strategy and governance model.

Cloud Technical Services

Technical services to assist our clients with cloud automation, cloud migrations, and cloud operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

IT due diligence and integration planning/execution for M&A projects.


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AWS CAF People Perspective

on January 1, 2019

The single biggest line item expense of any business is labor. Your people and the skilled labor they bring to your business are critical to the successful execution of your business plan, and this may never be more true than when you start a cloud adoption journey. The process of moving from on premise workflows to cloud based workflows represents a fundamental shift in traditional IT thought and practice. In some cases, how you think about things in the cloud is the exact opposite of how you think about them on premise (“cattle vs.

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AWS Landing Zone

on October 1, 2018

One of the key areas involved in cloud adoption is your governance strategy around AWS account management. While AWS Organizations is a key tool in that space, the recently announced AWS Landing Zone provides an entire management system to create and manage tens, hundreds, or thousands of AWS accounts, including self-services features for new account automation. Webb InfoTech Solutions LLC highly recommends that our clients consider using AWS Landing Zone (either out of the box, or with customizations for their specific organization).

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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

on September 1, 2018

Most organizations who are just starting their cloud adoption journey have a lot of questions about the process. These usually run the gamut from technical, organizational, and process perspectives. AWS provides a comprehensive Clooud Adoption Framework to address many of these questions, based on the aggregate experiences of thousands of AWS customers over the past decade, and Webb InfoTech Solutions LLC uses the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework when working with our clients:

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What Is DevOps

on August 1, 2018

Wikipedia defines DevOps thusly: “DevOps is a software engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying software development and software operation. The main characteristic of the DevOps movement is to strongly advocate automation and monitoring at all steps of software construction, from integration, testing, releasing to deployment and infrastructure management.” While the definition above is accurate, it focuses solely on the technical, process, and tooling aspects of DevOps, but ignores the important organizational communication factors which DevOps enables.

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